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Pest control

Full service programs for all pest-related problems all over Lebanon. SDC Service is a fully integrated pest control company in Lebanon specialized in controlling the pests that invade your home and commercial premises such as cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, mice, and all crawling insects.

It can be both alarming and disruptive for any business or property to have a pest problem. Our pest control professional team has the experience and expertise to help all clients. To help you, we can offer and tailor solutions for the control of infestations in your premises – just as we have already done for many clients throughout Lebanon.

We offer commercial, industrial, retail and domestic properties a full range of pest control services including: Control of rats, mice, black ants, cockroaches and seasonal biting insects, Termite and insect treatments, Fumigation, Fogging, Soil poisoning and weed control, Specialised warehouse and distribution centre services, Specialised services and procedures for the food and other industries and much more!

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SDC is one of the leading Pest Control & Cleaning Services companies in Lebanon that has been providing high quality termite treatment, pest control services & Cleaning Services to private residences, restaurants, buildings, hotels, malls and other commercial establishments in Lebanon. Voted as the best cleaning services and pest control company in Lebanon. Pest control of rats, mice, black ants, cockroaches and seasonal biting insects in Lebanon, Termite and insect treatments in Lebanon, Integrated Pest Management in Lebanon, Termite Treatment in Lebanon, Bed Bugs Control in Lebanon, Cockroach Control in Lebanon, Fly & Mosquito Control in Lebanon, Rat & Mice Control in Lebanon, Bird and Pigeon Control in Lebanon, Residential pest control in Lebanon, industrial pest control in Lebanon, all kinds of pest control and treatments in Lebanon, best pest control company in lebanon, best pest control services in lebanon, best cleaning services company in lebanon, best cleaning services in lebanon, best cleaning company in lebanon